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Top Free Website builders for 2018

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We all see many small businesses and startups beginning their journey around us, some find success, some only survive in the market and some eventually close down due to not being able to survive. This is how it has been for longest of times. So here we are showing some easy methods to start website using Free Website Builders.

However, in the last few years, most of us also got to see few startups who happened to find success in their market and some of them use their initial success to expand into a well-established business. What
a lot of these startups have in common is their smart, effective, engaging and opportunistic use of internet and web.

Web has created a new world where anyone siting in any corner of the world can have a chance at
success if they chose to work for it. Two major ways that these startups can use web to get optimum
benefit and help their business reach its potential is having their great website and an engaging social
media presence.

However, what a lot of these startups lack is a good budget to help them create their website but not so
long ago people were provide technological solution to even grow out of this limitation. Online free
website builders, are available to anyone with access to internet. Anyone can create their own website
within a couple of hour, whenever they want and without needing any coding skills.

These platforms have free web design templates available for different industries and markets that
anyone can use to build their own website with free website builders by only putting in their own content and images if they wish

However, today there many choices for people when in market for a online free website builders. Hence,
here is a list of top 10 free website builders that you can use to create your stunning website.


Wix is one of the most popular free websites builder and it focuses on search engine responsive HTML5
websites. Wix is perfect fit for you if you are looking for an intuitive website, easy-to- use and it also
provides and advanced drag and drop feature for website creating. Wix has great selection of 500+
professional looking web design templates and many template categories to pick from.

You can choose Wix for any kind of website, whether it is a personal page, an online store, business
website or online resume. Moreover, your free website built on Wix will also avail free hosting services,
second level domain, built-in Google Analytics, limited storage space to 500MB and bandwidth to 1GB
and a quality support.

Furthermore, Wix offers both free and paid plans for people who later want to expand or wish to

Free Website Builders:

WebsiteBuilder is an easy to use, free website builder. With features like 10,000+ web design templates,
social media integration features, analytics tools, responsive on mobile phones and the one-click site
launch process, makes WebsiteBuilder a smart choice for established businesses and startups.

Users can upload content on their chosen templates through the drag and drop interface or by using
HTML/CSS coding, which makes the platform a smart choice for both professionals and amateurs
website builders. There are ample options available of vibrant templates, customizable web layouts and
other attractive website graphics for users to build their website with. Features like fast and simple e-
commerce solutions, strong CRM feature and tools for SEO improvement, make WebsiteBuilder a
compelling choice to build your blog, marketing website or an online store.

All you have to do is pick your favorite template, customize it with content and other graphics and
publish your website online with a single click. You can even edit your website once launched.

IM Creator:

IM Creator is another easy-to- use, professional, free website builder with the in-built e-commerce tools
and web hosting options. It is a great, cost efficient and all-in- one package kind of option for beginners
to build interactive, mobile-friendly websites that give users a strong presence over the web.

Using IM Creator doesn’t not require having any coding or special software skills. Anyone can create
their website on IM Creator using their wide range of web templates and graphics that further help you
make your website more appealing and provide your audience with an enhanced experience.

Moreover, IM Creator is a very scalable platform, it can supports single page websites, as well as
multipage layouts.


The platform of siteBuilder comes with many fantastic free features including web hosting, domain
registration, customizable layouts, attractive images and a user-friendly canvas editor than comes with a
great selection of web design templates. Moreover, other aspects of SiteBuilder such as ecommerce
functions, SEO tools and smart customer relation management solutions, they help you build a
responsive and effective website.

You can build online stores, blogs, online portfolios and other customized forms with its robust
interface. SiteBuilder offers different packages, free and paid, they all provide free hosting and ad-free
services. Other aspects of the free package include unlimited bandwidth, great customer support, 500
MB storage space and in-built google Analytics.


Weebly is a good choice for both growing startups and established businesses. Other than website
designing and ecommerce operations, Weebly also provide web hosting and domain registration
services. For a complete user-friendly experience, Weebly provides a drag and drop interface, optional hand-coded HTML files and integrated CMS solutions. The free plan also offers unlimited bandwidth,
multi-page support, over 500 MB storage and free cloud backup facility, making the free plan a perfect
fit for beginners.

Compatible with every device and platform, Weebly provide SEO tools, Google Analytics, Paypal
integration, digital gift cards and automatic tax calculator.


Integrated with cloud-free backups and unlimited storage and bandwidth, Jimdo is an open source and
free website builder. This multi-lingual website builder is the best choice from customer around the
world. It is also a smart software for technical pros who want to tweak the HTML/CSS source file.

Jimbo is built to cater to needs of expanding commercial businesses with strong ecommerce solutions
and small-scale startups. It allows you to create your blog, online portfolio, ecommerce website or build
forms. The free plan of Jimdo is a complete web solution with its range of editing tools and template


Site 123 is considered to be one of the easiest and user-friendly free website builder. All you have to do
is pick your template, edit it using customizable tools and publish your website online. You can enjoy a
strong web presence using available attractive graphics, original content and stunning web templates.

Using Site123 you can build a website that has high SEO rating and is compatible with all screen
resolutions. You can add unlimited web pages to your website, use free images library and professional
font without worrying about copyright problems.


To build a dynamic website, WebNode is one of the popular choice among professionals and beginners.
WebNode software is compatible with all Mac, IOS devices and android. WebNode allows you services
like web building, web designing, domain name registration, and you can also avoid having to deal with
ads and pop-ups with the free package of WebNode.

You can even get important statistics for your website that help you track your progress completely free
of cost. Being a reliable and flexible option for users, WebNote has launched more than a million solid
multi language websites.


Ucraft is the best suited platform for people who are looking for more creative options and have an eye
for artistic details and designs. Ucraft, free online website builder offer customizable web templates and
images are very appealing and ready to be used. Ucraft is relatively a new name and it got its place in
our list by creating a reputation among the web developers.

Other than intuitive websites, you can also build landing pages and newsletters, which can be integrated
with MailChimp or Google Docs. You can add unlimited number of pages in your website, however, you
can only create 1 website under the free package. Moreover, some other features included in the free
package of Ucraft are web hosting, unlimited bandwidth, domain services, SEO tools and articles app.

Our Verdict:

The above list is perfect spot for you to get yourself well aware of the online free website builders
available so you can take well-informed decision and make a website that most suit your vision, goals
and requirements. Pick your perfect platform and enjoy optimum opportunities from your free website.



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