Features of Magazine Websites

Top 7 Must Have Features of Magazine Websites

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Blogs or website that are more in a form of digital magazine looks much more professional and prominent than a smaller personal website. By the time we’ve researched over many aspects and clubbed some top 7 must have features of Magazine Websites.

1. Branding

Yes this is obvious, but what we’re trying to convey is making your website look like a strongly built Brand will sell your website as a professional website and a trustworthy website. So build your website logo with great zeal, if you have to hire some professional to do it, just get it done as it is a one time investment. Your website must look a very authoritative website. Also remain active on the social media of your website as it will show very serious work of your website/brand.

2. Apt Headlines

Just work on your content and make your headlines very attractive and more precise. The user just scrolls through all your content and which they think is very interesting they read it, and hence the attractive headlines approach will get you more decreased Bounce Rate on your website which is very essential for your website SEO.


3. Multi-level Navigation

For a magazine type of design multi-level navigation is a must have feature, as the users will want to check out your whole website and by having multi-level navigation menu you can showcase more links in the menu itself. This will help the users to engage with your website more and hence more increase in the traffic.


4. Sharing Buttons

We can’t just ignore social media and hence for a magazine type of website you’ll definitely have to embed social media buttons so that users can share your content through various social platforms and hence giving your website more traffic and more boost. This will also help your website users to have a more engaged experience with your website. If you have your content sorted out with attractiveness then you’ll get success soon.


5. Related Posts

Urging people to see more will be your motive. Yes adding a related posts widget in the end of every post or article will urge user to see more of its kind. Related posts are very effective way to interact with your users. This way you can built a sort of friendship with your visitors.


6. Search Even on Mobile

Many designers just hide the search bar from the mobile to make the website responsive but this is absolutely not recommended. Search bar helps users to search for any news in no time by going through all the updates. So adding a search bar even in mobile will full functionality will give users a great experience and hence they likely to return more to your website in search of updated content.


7. Content

Upload daily content. Magazine type of design is a website design which if not full of content it will not get any better in search results or otherwise. Uploading content daily will help users to get you subscribed so that they can get daily dose of news or likewise. So just add content daily to your website no matter what. Just add it. This is the main and core thing your users are coming to your website to read your content.

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