how to start an online profitable business

How to Start an Online Profitable Business

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We’ve made this article to let our visitors know how to set up your own online profitable business and get started with the sales. Starting an online business is very hard work with many carefully crafted steps and decisions that need to put together at the right time.

Only for you guys, we’ve put together some great and simple steps for get going. In this article we’ll provide the basic requirements and prerequisites for the website, let you know about the hosting plans, payment options, Domain registrars and online e-commerce software platform.

People often thinks that the online business is not worth doing hard work but I must tell you it requires more hard work with strategical analysis. Growing business is such a pain, but we are here to tell you what exactly you need to do to start your online profitable business with ease.

You are opening a business online so you must have something in your mind as what business it would be or how you’re going to execute, so we are not going deep into what exactly you’re going to do.

Lets get started with our main steps of starting an online profitable business:


Choose your Domain Name

So lets think this way, you’re definitely going to have some domain name, those who don’t know what a domain name is: Domain name is something you put in the address bar of your browser such as,,,, etc.

So you need to decide what Domain Name you would be having your online presence with. I am more in SEO and a logical person so from my point of view:

Keep it short and make it descriptive.

Now you can try some terms related to your business such as we added “design” in our website name. So for example your business is of Travel, then you can try these words: Voyage, Sail, Roam, etc.

You can check the availability of the Domain Name from many Domain Registrars, such as


Choose the Hosting

After choosing the apt domain name, you’ll be requiring the hosting for that domain/website name where the files for your website will get host. There are many free web hosting websites but I would always prefer to buy a paid one not just because they are paid so they will be better, but because if you’ve paid a price to get something then that thing becomes more precious to you compared to the free ones.

For your online business you can opt for these some great web hosting services: Hostgator, Bluehost, Siteground, etc.

I personally use these web hosting providers and no I don’t have any affiliate links attached to these website links.

For small online businesses you can opt for Linux shared hosting and it will cost you less but will have all the options and resources that you’ll be needing.


Choose your E-commerce Software Platform

It’s time for you to choose your software platform for your website. Software platform is very important for a website so that one can easily maintain and manage all the things in the website. Coding is very difficult and hence software platforms helps in managing all the coding and back-end work.

I personally love WordPress and uses it on many of my websites even on this one. It is very popular online software platform also called as CMS which is Content Management System.

WordPress has many plugins to which you can customize your website also it has many themes to support your website as how it will look and what features it will have.

Again for website themes, I don’t choose free themes because they don’t have that much potential but I highly recommend using for the WordPress themes as they have best in class best wordpress themes collection which will give you instant stand for your website also they are known for their top notch support.

Plugins in wordpress also plays very vital role in making your website more SEO friendly and hence there are many great plugins out there which can do your job quite right, such as Yoast Plugin for wordpress is such a nice plugin that can give your website more exposure to Google or Search Engines.


Choosing Payment Method

After these things have been setup and running, you now have to choose your Payment Methods from which you’ll get the payments from your users (if you’re running an online shopping business). If you’re going to make a blog or something which don’t require any item to sell then you’re already in the business and don’t need any Payment Method.

For shopping websites, you can choose the Payment Methods according to your needs such as you want payments from Credit Card, Debit Card, etc then you’ll have to talk to the Payment Gateways provider. For that just search on Google for Payment Gateway and you’ll be provided with the list of payment gateways and you can choose from them.

Otherwise if you want to just take the payments from PayPal then you have to do nothing and just install the Paypal plugins for WordPress and configure it according to your needs and attach your Paypal account into it to receive the payments.



These are the basic steps that you need to setup your online business, wasn’t it so easy! Well this was the basics of how you can start your own business online. As I said earlier, you’ll have to analyze your website patterns and make your decisions strategically so that you can always grow. There are many things that you can do to analyze your website and we can discuss that in other article of ours. Okay I guess I have helped you out. Thanks for being with us.


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