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How to get more Quality Backlinks

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Search Engines loves backlinks and hence it is the most important aspect of a website to have more related and more quality backlinks. Those who don’t know what are backlinks can read our What are Backlinks article.

SEO is very important for any online business because organic traffic is the one which can be easily converted into sales because that traffic is genuine and wants to view your website. Hence we are more focused over the organic traffic which is derived from SEO.

The more quality backlinks, the website is according to Google Standards or Search Engine Standards the more it will get organic traffic and hence more sales.

Purchasing backlinks, bulk backlinking, intentional backlinks are some of the poor SEO approach because at some point of time Search Engines will know that this backlink has been placed intentionally or is somewhat unrelated so your website can get penalized.

So, here the question arise: How to get more Quality Backlinks. Well we covered this question in three simple steps:

Content Creation

Content is the soul of website, so always make good content with all the relevancy among your posts or articles, such as if your website is of Designing as mine is, just talk about designing and websites related topics. Don’t mix it with news of tragedy or something which is unrelated. Always be updated. If any news about designing comes out, just post about it in your own words and don’t take anyone article because it will be treated as duplicacy of content.

Just create your own content and think what your users will more likely to hear.


Content Distribution

Once you’re all setup with your content, its time for promotion or distribution. This is the the next step after you’ve created the post or article on your website. In this step you need to talk to your niche bloggers who have a reputation in your niche and has a good amount of followers. Suppose your product is some kind of food, then you must go to the food bloggers and ask them to publish about your brand in their blog. This is a good distribution strategy.


Content Sharing

Just don’t stop right there, after publishing and talking to your distribution bloggers, you need to share the article on your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Sharing is spreading knowledge and people usually listens what is there on the social media. This is what would set you aside from your competitors.

Quality backlinks take time, energy, and hard work. Google needs time to index them appropriately, so do not be demoralized if you are not successful right away.

Do not ever purchase any backlinks, because that is NO ENTRY route you’re taking and obstacles will come in your path that way. Flowing opposite to the flow will cause injuries, so be calm and make better decisions with hard working path.

If you follow this article, it will surely give your good and best quality backlinks. Also you’ll be able to make some good friends out in the world.

Cheers to life.


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