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3 Top SEO Ranking Factors in 2017

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Google is becoming very clever day by day and the websites are getting very tough time in ranking in the Search Engine Results Page by keywords. Complexity is the core of the Google Algorithm which selects which website should rank on which page. The algorithm uses many factors in determining this concept. There are some common factors that a Search Engine uses for ranking any website. But, there are some major SEO Ranking Factors that we’ve ascertained in 2017 and today we’re going to unravel this mystery.

A lot has been changed in the SEO industry from past years, competitors also have taken a different approach to their SEO strategies. You’re confused as to how and what to apply to your website. If it will go down or will it rise? These have been some major risk taking decisions of all website owners.

We’ve noted these Top 3 SEO Ranking Factors in 2017:

  1. Links
  2. Content
  3. User Experience



You heard it right, links are the major seo ranking factors in determining the rank of the website. If the website has more links from a good reputative website then that website is more likely to be trusted and will rise up in the SERPs obviously. So the heart of the SEO is links. There are two types of links which have been discussed in my previous article. Please read that article and then come back.

Okay now you must have understood that only positive links are the links that give the website more trust. More trusted website backlinks more your website gain trust.

The measurement of the backlinks are standardized but Moz. Moz calls them DA and PA, Domain Authority and Page Authority respectively.

It means you need to be placing backlinks to your site on other sites which not only have good domain authority, but you need to make sure your links are placed on high value pages on that domain as well.​ Your website should have some serious links if you want your website to rank up in the SERPs.



Content is king. If you have great and useful content, you don’t need backlinks and Google will push you to the top. If you create content for low competition of keywords then you’re most likely to get more exposure in SERPs. You can also increase ranking without having backlinks.

When the content answers the question of the search better than the other results, it will rank higher if it has a decent link profile for that search result.


Google has always pushed content to be its greatest factor in determining the website ranking positioning. Content is a major SEO ranking factors.


User Experience

The term user experience is used for ultimate users who will use your website or will browse through your blog. Your website must be flawless with everything a user needs so that they can without any hassle browse through your website.

It’s important to distinguish the total user experience from the user interface (UI), even though the UI is obviously an extremely important part of the design. As an example, consider a website with movie reviews. Even if the UI for finding a film is perfect, the UX will be poor for a user who wants information about a small independent release if the underlying database only contains movies from the major studios.

Your website should be responsive so that your website looks stunning and should deliver great content viewing from any screen device whether mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop or TV.


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