SEO is slow

Why SEO process is Too Slow

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Yes its true, SEO does take so long to work. SEO is called Search Engine Optimization and after applying some techniques to your website you are just looking for some changes in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), but unfortunately your website position is not at all altered. This is because SEO process takes some time to actually show results. In this article we’re going to unravel this mystery, as why it takes so much time to show results.

So first of all, there are billions of websites on the internet and as we know there are many Search Engine Websites but we usually are worried about Google and Bing. So, it takes time for Google & Bing to recognize your website, calculate its worth and assign it the authority it deserves. It takes time for them to see that changes have been made, the main thing here is competition. Search Engines compare the quality of your website and your content to everyone else in the same genre.

In a particular genre or niche, there are many websites and they all want to rank up in Search Engines and all want to be found in a common keyword. So there is a searching algorithm which involves many aspects of a website so that Google & Bing can come up with position of every website in the SERP. This algorithm is the heart of SEO, and is never disclosed to anyone so that no one can alter the results of SERP.

The Google is known for its changes in the Searching Algorithm from time to time, hence no one can know how the searching works. Also, websites tends to change positions on a specific keyword from time to time. Search Engine websites do a lot of computation to make any website perfect for the 1st page of SERP because they want to deliver their visitors those websites that they are searching for.

SEO takes about 4 months to 12 months to show up results but if in the meantime, Search Engines changes their algorithm very drastically, then all your SEO practice don’t have any significance because now new technology and tricks are catered by the Search Engines. This is very risky step for any website, but also website owners have to take risk about it.

Below are some common factors that can affect your website ranking on the Search Engine Results Page:

seo factors

  • Does your website have the relevant content
  • The age of your website denotes trustworthiness
  • Your social activity
  • Your backlinks from authoritative websites
  • Visitors are coming back or not
  • Bounce rate, that visitor is actually spending time on your website
  • Website Speed, that your website is opening fast or not
  • HTML to content ratio, that you have ample amount of content or not
  • How updated your website is
  • What your competition is doing
  • You have quality design or not
  • Your website have basic SEO done or not
  • Your website have structural design or not

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